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  • Polyfuel is the registered trademark of Research Centre for Fuel Generation (RCFG).
  • Polyfuel is the hydrocarbon liquid containing petrol, kerosene and diesel.
Uses of Polyfuel:
Polyfuel can be used directly in following machines:
  1. Diesel electric generators
  2. Diesel pumps
  3. Boilers
  4. Hot air generators
  5. Hot water generators
  6. Construction machinery
  7. Any other machinery in which LDO or HSD is used as fuel.

Particulars of machinery

Waste plastic feeding system
Pyrolysis reactor
Heating system with control panel
Cyclone separator
Sand filter
Sparkler filter
Scrubber and chimney for flue gases
Gas handling system
Cooling tower
Charcoal removal system
Pipe fittings, pumps, valves, indicators, etc.